Aldinga Kinder Haven

Aldinga Kinder Haven has taken a leap towards providing a secure and vibrant outdoor space for children by partnering with Weathersafe for the installation of premium shade sails. Similar to successful projects at other locations, these shade structures are designed to offer optimal sun protection while encouraging boundless outdoor play and learning.

Tailored to suit the unique layout of Aldinga Kinder Haven, these shade sails boast top-quality materials and innovative design, ensuring durability against the Australian elements. This enhancement not only prioritises children's safety but also enriches their outdoor experience, fostering a stimulating environment for growth and exploration.

Weathersafe's expertise has once again proven instrumental in transforming outdoor spaces into havens for learning and play, aligning perfectly with Aldinga Kinder Haven's commitment to providing the best for the children in their care.

Client: Aldinga Kinder Haven
Structure type: Sail Structures
Completion: December 2023
Location: Aldinga, South Australia
Industry: Education, Childcare and Early Learning Centre